ITTI established its Procurement Services Division in 2002 as a completely separate unit from its supply support activities. ITTI has consistently represented the interests of AID and developing country governments and entrepreneurs, obtaining the best and most appropriate equipment and commodities at advantageous prices. ITTI’s Procurement Division logistically supports the purchase and movement of commodities for our clients, and provides training services in the same field. When contracted as a PSA, ITTI will not participate in any stage of the procurement process as a supplier/ vendor and strictly adhere to client’s guidelines and applicable FAR/ DAR and AIDAR rules and regulations.

     In the last decade ITTI have supplied equipment and commodities to U.S. government projects in Africa, New Independently States, the Middle East and Latin America.

     The recent expansion of the ITTI Procurement Services Division has focused on U.S. Government contracts with set aside component for small businesses.

1. Participating in the Needs Assessment.
       ITTI translates the functional needs of the client into practical well-defined lists of equipment.

2. Development and Review of Specifications.
        We have the ability to develop and refine specifications so that equipment or articles are described in sufficient detail to ensure delivery of the desired products. Good specifications will provide for free and open competition and for the purchase of standard products rather than custom manufactured items. Provision is made to ensure, to the extent possible, that procurement of spare parts into account the availability of local repair services for mechanical and technical equipment.

3. Procurement Scheduling.
       In order to provide commodities and/or services at the desired time, ITTI develops a schedule for each procurement contract. We first determine when commodities are required at a project site and then determine when procurement must be initiated in order to meet that date. In developing a realistic, programmatic schedule which meets project needs, we consider all identifiable time factors in the procurement sequence, from the preparation of specifications to inland transportation in a particular country.

4. Preparation of Bid Documents and Solicitations.
       The preparation of bid documents is in fact a draft agreement with the potential suppliers and it guides and clarifies the future steps. Some of the important points to be taken into consideration are:
a. Host country (or donor agency) procurement regulations.
b. Provision for warranty periods, spare parts supply, and installation capability.
c. Training if specialized equipment is purchased.
d. Manufacturer's guarantee.
e. The source and origin of the equipment.
The Invitation for Bids (IFBs) are advertised as required by the client. ITTI then distributes the bid documents to interested suppliers.

5. Supplier's Assistance.

      Between the issuance of the bid documents and the bid closing date, ITTI answers suppliers' questions in coordination with the client to guarantee the receipt of more responsive bids.

6. Evaluation of Bids.

Bid evaluation and analysis takes into consideration:
Warranty terms and conditions
Overall reputation and past performance
Specific experience
Host country regulations and requirements
Representation in the final destination/ country.
Spare parts availability
Financial capability
Compliance with USAID rules and regulation
The bid documents, with analysis and recommendations by ITTI, are submitted to the client for review and approval.

7. Selection of Contractor/Supplier.

       With the concurrence of our client, awards are made to bidder whose bid is more responsive to the Invitation for Bid, is considered by ITTI to be most reasonable, and which is commercially and technically correct. ITTI rejects any bid which is unresponsive to the Invitation for Bid, and may reject any and all bids which are excessive price.
As part of the supplier selection process, ITTI's staff reviews manufacturers' recommended spare parts lists in detail with the client. We modify the spare parts lists in anticipation of the particular replacement needs of equipment to be utilized under the conditions of a given project and country.

8. Issue Contracts and Purchase
Orders/Monitor Suppliers Performance. Upon the approval of our client, contracts or purchase orders are issued to the successful bidders by which they agree to provide the equipment and material described in the Invitation for Bid for the amount(s) set forth on their bid forms and, as the case may be, bid price schedules. If required, Performance Bonds are secured from manufacturers or suppliers before contracts or purchase orders are signed.

9. Issuance of Letters of Credit.
      All Letters of Credit are issued under client guidelines, with draw downs fully supported by completed documentation. Letters of Credit are generally opened for purchases in excess of $100,000, with a specific expiration date. Expiration dates on Letters of Credit are extended only in unusual circumstances, such as supplier strikes or delays on the part of sub-suppliers. We document non-compliance with Letters of Credit expiration dates and, when warranted, request that the bank reissue a new one.

10. Providing the Delivery Services.
          A. ITTI will follow-up on suppliers' delivery of items and shipping schedules and will record the Delivery Date, and Packing/Shipping Requirements for each supplier.
          A month before each delivery, our coordinator contacts vendors to assure that deliveries will be made on time. Based on the delivery dates of the suppliers, ITTI coordinates with our designated freight-forwarder and shipping agency to develop a comprehensive shipping schedule that satisfies the consolidation requirements and the project needs. ITTI arranges for sea or air shipment of commodities. The shipping schedule is made available to the buyer. ITTI staff are highly knowledgeable about customs regulations and procedures and will assist in the clearance of goods when needed.
         B. ITTI will arrange for consolidation, inspection, insurance and shipping to foreign ports. Proper consolidation, scheduling, timing and packing all combine to save a significant amount of project funds.

         If required by the client, ITTI arranges for inspection by an independent third-party inspection company at the designated collection point prior to consolidation and shipment, to ensure suppliers compliance with award standards. This inspection establishes the condition of the commodities and facilities identification of the point at which damage or loss occurred.
        C. ITTI's freight-forwarders are selected based on the warehouse facilities, which have ample capacity and capability to handle commodities of all types and sizes, with heavy lift capabilities of up to 100 tons, and the existence of a thorough computerized commodity tracking system which generates reports that complement our own internal status reports. The selected freight forwarder offers warehouses on the West Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico area, and operates offices in Central and Eastern Europe (and Balkan countries) , Asia and the Middle East, providing us with the capability of easily servicing countries in the regions.
        D. selected freight forwarder, upon receipt of a ITTI contract or purchase order, enters into the computer system all quantity, parts numbers, descriptions, order numbers and vendor names. When cargo is received in the warehouse, receipt number is issued and entered in the computer. ITTI's monthly status report includes this computerized information. The freight forwarder provides shipping and delivery services including the following:

Monitoring, major consolidation/containerization efforts at vendor's manufacturing locations.

Advise on proper routing and best method of transportation to port of exit.

Control movement of commodities from manufacturing location to pier (freight aside ship service).

Arrange export packing and boxing including receiving, consolidation, interim storage, marking, strapping, preparation of packing lists and weighing.

Prepare all export documentation including booking ocean and air carriers, preparation for dock receipts, ocean bill of lading or airway bill, export declaration, and commercial grouping.

Provide document translation when necessary.
Furnish courier, messenger and express mail services when required.
Obtain Chamber of Commerce certification and consular legalization of documents when required.
Arrange for insurance.

Our forwarders also supports ITTI in the U.S. to effect expeditious and continuous control of the movement of commodities from the manufacturing plants to either the containerization facilities or to the pier at the port of embarkation, as specified by our contracts or purchase orders.

They also can provide the following expediting services:
   Contact suppliers to coordinate times delivery of commodities, supplies and equipment.
Instruct vendors on commercial documentation required. Obtain packing and shipping details. Schedule container spotting.

    Report on any problems regarding late or non-delivery of scheduled cargo. Maintain records on shipments in progress and Prepare reports on status of delivery. Monitor all cargo receipts for shipments received at forwarder's facilities.

    We usually consolidate commodities at a central warehouse which allows ITTI to control the inventory, to negotiate a favorable transportation rate, and to maximize the weight and cube as a bargaining point with the steamship lines. Consolidation also permits greater control when shipping commodities by reducing the possibility of individual items going astray and dramatically reducing the likelihood of theft.

     ITTI uses the services of an internationally recognized surveyor to assess damages. Insurance claims are then processed by ITTI's staff to ensure prompt and satisfactory payment.

11. Communications and Monitoring. ITTI, in addition to the monthly status report presented to the buyer, remains in constant contact with the client.


     ITTI is committed to applying its own resources, when necessary, to ensure timely delivery of commodities. ITTI's accounting department is able to promptly and accurately account for all contracts. Payments flow through a variety of channels, including direct payments, wire transfers, Federal Reserve Letters of Credit, regional disbursing offices, cash advances and other means. All payments and drawdowns are accurately documented, certified to, accounted for and reported to the client as required by agreements.
    ITTI is well versed in the application of international procurement regulations. ITTI can work under a variety of contractual instruments including: fixed price, cost plus fixed fee, and cost reimbursable contracts; grants and cooperative agreements.
    ITTI's Procurement Services Division provides consistent quality services using established formal procurement procedures developed, tested and revised over the past 20 years. Working closely with clients, host government personnel, and project staff, the Procurement Services Division can train and provides expert technical assistance through seminars or on-the-job training on procurement regulations, procedures and problem solving