Select Projects

U.S. Department of State/ Contractor- Monrovia- Liberia
Supplied several hundred GP Medium Tents, in support of ECOWAS Peacekeeping Mission, which U.S. provided logistical elements. ITTI supplied the tents from manufactures in Pakistan and leased a L-1011 Tri-Star Cargo Aircraft for moving the tents to Liberia. The entire project including securing landing rights in Monrovia was accomplished in (10) days. (August 2003)

USAID/NGO- Addis Ababa- Ethiopia
Procured medical/ hospital supplies and equipment to include sterilizer, vaccine carrier, refrigerator with solar power systems, baby scale, syringes, disposable needle, and gloves. ITTI supplied this package through a combination of U.S. and European manufactures. The package included air shipment and customs clearance in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (2003)

USAID/Contractor– Amman/Jordan
Procured Clinical equipment to include examination tables, stools, lamps, instrument carts, gynecological examination instruments, medical scale and mini crash carts for Cost - Recovery and Sustainability Project for the Jordanian Ministry of Health (2003).

U.S. Department of State- Office of International Programs/ Peacekeeping Forces West African Region
Supplied (12) each 500-Gallons Water Trailers for Peacekeeping Mission Forces (via U.S. Special Operation Forces Command) for West African countries. Production and delivery accomplished in (10) days. (August 2003).

U.S. Department of State/ Contractor/ Kabul- Afghanistan
Developed required list of parts and tools, supplied, consolidated, export packed and air freighted a (2) years maintenance support, spare parts and special tools package for the armored and non- armored vehicles of “President Karazi Protection Force” in Kabul/ Afghanistan. (2003)

U.S. Air Force/ Air Combat Command (ACC)/ Contractor- Forward Operating Locations (FOL)- Latin America/ Caribbean Countries
Supplied (66) Vehicles including 4x4s, pick Ups, refueling trucks, modified, armored and installed tactical communication equipment on some of the vehicles. Procured vehicles from (6) different countries in the region, shipped to final destinations, custom cleared, obtained license plates, insurance and final delivery to the designated points in (33) days. (2002)

USAID/Contractor- Kabul - Afghanistan
Supplied over one hundred pieces of equipment including computers, peripherals, photocopiers, and fax machines (all in 220V/50Hz) for this project. The delivery to designated freight forwarder and logistics company in U.S. and European ports was accomplished in five (5) days from the time of ordering, for immediate dispatch to Kabul, Afghanistan. (2002)

USAID/ Contractor- Worldwide
Supplied (85) Iridium Satellite Phones in (12) days for a contractor offices in 60 countries. Coordinated training for all end-users in Washington, D.C. (2002)

American Embassy / Islamabad-Pakistan
Supplying various types of audio/ video, tactical, security and surveillance equipment for the Diplomatic Security Division in Pakistan. (on- going since 1998)

USAID/ NGO - Guinea
Supplied (65) Motorcycles and spare parts package from various European distributors and arranged for rapid delivery to Guinea. All motorcycles were custom cleared, assembled/ tested for operation and delivered to the NGO office in Conakry. (2002-2003)

USAID- NGO - Africa
Supplied various PAL/220V/50Hz multi-standard video and audio equipment through a combination of U.S. and European suppliers. ITT coordinated the logistics of forwarding, customs clearance, and delivery to Uganda, Ghana, Botswana, and Tanzania. Complete procurement process from developing specifications to approval by the customer and placing order with suppliers in US and Europe and delivery to the end users in each country was accomplished in (3) weeks. (2002)

U.S. Air Force (AFCAP)/ USAID Office of Disaster Assistance (OFDA)/ RMS-Bechtel- Afghanistan
Supplied 35,000 Aluminum Kitchen sets from various European manufacturers for delivery to a USAF Base in Italy for loading into C-7 airplane and further distribution in refugee camps in Afghanistan. Procurement and logistics coordination and delivery to USAF was accomplished in (18) days. (2001)

U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers/ Peace Vector VI/Contractor- Egypt
Supplied (110) line items of 220V/50Hz Household Appliance for delivery to Cairo, Egypt. (2001)

U.S. Department of State (AQM/ALM) Washington, D.C. (Middle East/ Africa)
Supplied (28) large Xerox Photocopiers in 220V/50Hz and in-country warranty and support package for forwarding to American Embassies in Africa/ Middle East region. (2001)

Department of Justice/ International Criminal Investigation and Training Project (ICITAP)/ Contractor (Eastern Europe/ Africa)
Supplying office equipment, audio, video, security and surveillance equipment for ICITAP projects in Africa and especially Eastern/Central European countries (on- going since 2000)

Department of State/ Contractor (Africa Region)
Supplying a range of civilian and military equipment for U.S. Department of State Peacekeeping Training Support through U.S. Special Operation Forces Command. The range of equipment supplied included Kevlar helmets, water analysis kits, trucks and 4 x 4 vehicle and parts, sandbags, fuel and water trailers, diesel generators and parts, outboard marine engines, and machine gun tripods. ITT support for this project has been on going since 1998. Countries of final destinations included: Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Mali and Cote D’Ivore

USAID/ NGO- Bosnia
Supplied all required office equipment, communication gears, 4x4 vehicles, generators, emergency medical kits for setting- up several regional offices in Bosnia. Shipping was under the most difficult and hazardous conditions at the time in Bosnia. (1995/1996)

USAID/ Environmental Policy and Technology Project/Contractor (Ukraine)
Supplied all required construction equipment, spare parts, documentation for Pipeline Cement Lining Project in L’Viv Ukraine. ITTI coordinated shipment to Ukraine of several 40’ containers, custom cleared, staged the equipment, dispatched a demonstration team of (12) persons, arranged for all logistics, lodging, transportation and training sessions for 33 days in Ukraine. ITTI supplied all locally procured raw materials. (1997)

USAID/ Environmental Policy and Technology Project/Contractor (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Stan)
Supplied and shipped various water pump station equipment, pipeline equipment, parts for the above countries. In Kazakhstan ITTI provided installation support, commissioning and maintenance training for the new pump station. (1996)

U.S. Department of State -Haiti
Supplied (52) Vehicles and spare parts for delivery within (15) days. Arranged for Air Chartering operation from Miami and local delivery in Haiti. Provided maintenance support for all vehicles in Port Au Prince, Haiti (1995)